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Cleaveland/Price is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor / OSHA

We are both honored and ecstatic to be recognized by the U.S Department of Labor for continuous commitment to improving the safety and health of our workplace through OSHA.

Cleaveland/Price is one of fewer than 1,600 companies in the country to share this status.deptoflaborletter


Cleaveland/Price Inc. is acknowledged on National Manufacturing Day

natl-manufacturing-dayCleaveland/Price Inc. was acknowledged by the Commissioners of Westmoreland County on National Manufacturing Day 2016. Rae Sweeney, president of Cleaveland/Price Inc., was presented with the recognition award distinguishing Cleaveland/Price for their commitment to advanced workforce training and development in order to foster growth in manufacturing operations as well as to attract new business to the County.


23 kV V2-C- Coastal-B

Switch Products

Cleaveland/Price offers a wide array of switch products. Choose the switch product(s) that best suits your company needs.

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Automation Products

Cleaveland/Price also offers a variety of switch automation products as well. Choose the automation product(s) that best suits your company needs.

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23 kV V2-C- Coastal-B

Line Sensors / Data

Cleaveland/Price offers Line Sensors and Data Collectors for various needs. Check out our new LineScope™ Power Quality Monitor.

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News and Events

View recent Cleaveland/Price news and events. Get up to date details on upcoming trade shows and new products.

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Reliatronics RTUs

Reliatronics agreed to join Cleaveland/Price to strengthen the Reliatronics brand. Cleaveland/Price will continue to supply Reliatronics RTUs.

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StayDry® Bearings

Corrosion Resistant Bearing Assembly with Hydrophobic Membrane Technology.

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Data Collector Power Supply

SPS Overview

Dependable communications are a critical component of the Smart Grid andSPS the longer the communication system stays active after loss of AC on the system, the more reliable the system.  Unfortunately, many comm systems will remain active for only a few hours after loss of AC.  To enable a higher level of reliability, Cleaveland/Price offers the SPS, an outdoor power supply available in models for above ground and below ground applications.  With a component power draw of one ampere, the SPS will sustain communications for 24 hours (temperature dependant). The SPS’s rugged construction is designed for real world conditions with a wide operating temperature range and battery charging components capable of  withstanding condensing humidity.  Materials in the SPS are selected for corrosion resistance. The SPS is specifically designed to house the customer’s components of choice.  SPS applications include:

  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Data collection
  • Communications router

Underground Switch

UAD Overview

The UAD and UAD-V controllers enable utilities to integrate underground SF6 and vacuum switches into their SCADA system.

The UAD / UAD-V package consists of a controller and a motor assembly.  The motor assembly mounts to the customer’s switch and is adaptable to the switches of various manufacturers such as

  • G&W
  • S&C
  • Thomas and Betts Elastimold
  • Canada Power Products
  • Joslyn

The control portion of the UAD assembly can be mounted at ground level on a pad or a pedestal.  The submersible UAD-V controller can be mounted within the underground vault.

Both UAD and UAD-V controllers can be supplied to control a single switch or up to four switches.




Padmount Switch

Padmount Switch Overview

Cleaveland/Price designs and manufactures controllers that can be retrofitted to the padmounted switches of various manufacturers.The controllers are available in one-way and multi-way (up to 4-way) control configurations.  PAD controllers incorporate the same features critical for automation reliability used in other Cleaveland/Price automation products.The PAD mounts easily to a customer’s padmount switch without the need for field drilling or switch enclosure modification.  The mechanism can be installed in minutes and there is no need to take the switch out of service during installation.  Sufficient room is provided in the controller enclosure to mount both an RTU and radio and all components are accessible through the front door.The controller requires 120 VAC to charge its battery.  For installation locations where charging voltage is not available, Cleaveland/Price offers a charging transformer that can be mounted within the padmount enclosure.

Overhead Transmission

Overhead Transmission Overview

Cleaveland/Price offers several models of operators for transmission applications.  The models are designed to match the operating requirements of the switch.

The BT-T torsional operator is suitable for most switches that use a rotating motion of the vertical pipe to operate. For those switches that require high momentum to close and latch the switch, the accelerated speed BT-TF model is offered.  For transmission switches that require a reciprocating motion to operate, we offer the BR-T and BR-TF operators.

All of the motor operators incorporate features critical for automation reliability.  For transmission switching locations where charging voltage for the battery is not readily available, a solar charging option is available.





Overhead Distribution

Overhead Distribution Overview

Cleaveland/Price makes two types of controllers for overhead distribution switches; controllers for switches with vertical operating pipe and for those without operating pipe. Switches with operating pipe could have a torsional swing handle operator or a reciprocating pump handle operator.  For torsional pipe switches, Cleaveland/Price offers the BT-D controller. For reciprocating pipe switches, we offer the BR controller.

Some utilities favor switches that do not have vertical operating pipe. For these applications we offer the PTAD controller. With the PTAD controller, the motor mounts at switch level and the controller mounts beneath the switch (photo below).

The PTAD controller can be retrofitted to switches that presently have a vertical operating pipe. All of the motor operators incorporate features critical for automation reliability.