ReliaVac® Vacuum Interrupter

The Cleaveland/Price ReliaVac® is a vacuum interrupter attachment for use with Cleaveland/Price switches in substation and transmission applications. The device is available as a single bottle interrupter for switches rated 15 kV through eight bottle interrupter assemblies for 230 kV switches.

The vacuum interrupter switching capabilities were tested using circuit conditions specified by IEEE Standard 1247-2005 and IEC 62271-103-104. Testing consisted of load interrupting, line/cable capacitance interrupting, shunt capacitor switching, and loop splitting. A 1000 operation mechanical endurance test was also performed.  Interrupter applications include:

  • load switching
  • loop splitting
  • line/cable charging switching

ReliaVac® Ratings  

  • 2000 A. full load switching
  • 2000 A. loop splitting
  • 370 A. line dropping to 230 kV

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230 kV ReliaVac® Interrupter