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Group Operated Switch Overview

138 kV CB-A InstallationCleaveland/Price offers many group operated switch types including vertical break, center break, double end break and single end break.  All of the switches are available with copper current carrying parts.  The switches are typically supplied as three pole switches for substation, transmission, and distribution applications. The switches can be mounted in the horizontal-upright, vertical, horizontal-underhung, or inclined position.

The switches are suitable for use in a variety of applications including line disconnecting and sectionalizing, circuit breaker by-pass and isolation, and transformer isolation.  Arc horns or quick break whips are available when small amounts of transformer magnetizing currents or line charging currents must be interrupted.

Full load break attachments are available for vertical break switches. Accessories needed to adapt the switch to a customer’s particular requirements are available.

The switch may be manually operated by use of a swing handle or wormgear mechanism or electrically operated by use of a Cleaveland/Price TP-C2 motor operator.

Cleaveland/Price’s switches meet ANSI C37, NEMA, and IEEE Standards and the rating requirements of IEC Standards.