DB-A Aluminum Double Break Switch

The Cleaveland/Price DB-A is a three pole, group operated, aluminum double end break switch used primarily in substations. It is available at 345 kV, 2000A through 5000A.


Cleaveland/Price DB-A


The double side break design is useful in applications where there is limited overhead clearance and interphase distances need to be kept at a minimum. The switch is ideal for EHV applications where a naturally counterbalanced blade is advantageous.

  • Aluminum tubular blades
  • Non-cast aluminum terminal pads with NEMA standard hole pattern
  • High pressure, silver-to-silver line contacts at jaws
  • Stainless steel contact springs
  • Patented blade turnover mechanism designed to provide full blade rotation with minimal operating force
  • Hot-dip galvanized double channel base

Reference the DB-AV tab for drawings of the switch in a “V” configuration for low profile mounting.



Outline Drawings – DB-A

Outline Drawings – DB-AV