Switching Solutions and Innovations for the Medium and High Voltage Electrical Industry

Cleaveland/Price’s roots go back to 1975 when Chuck Cleaveland accepted responsibility to supply renewal parts for discontinued Westinghouse switches. From the perspective of a renewal parts supplier, our engineers began developing switches that address problems found in switch designs. Since then, Cleaveland/Price has grown to offer a complete line of group operated switches rated up to 345 kV along with a broad line of hookstick operated switch products and motor operators.

Our ongoing R&D program is a factor in the growth of the company and has yielded innovative products such as transmission class in-line disconnect switches, solid-state motor operator controls, variable speed motor operators, non-hydraulic operators for overhead switches, and automation controllers for retrofitting to padmount and underground switchgear. Growth is sustained by continuous improvement of manufacturing systems and facilities. Extensive CNC capabilities have been established throughout the manufacturing process resulting in the most advanced vertically integrated manufacturing facility in the industry.

Our Goal Customer Satisfaction

The most important factor in the company’s growth is the total commitment to customer satisfaction that Chuck Cleaveland has infused in the company. With the goal of “no unhappy customers”, Cleaveland/Price employees strive to provide the best in product and customer service.