Line Sensors and Data Collectors

 Power Quality Monitor and Data Collection 

The key to effective energy management is reliable and timely data.  Cleaveland/Price has developed products to meet informational needs of customers to optimize operation efficiency in distribution and transmission applications.  Products are offered that can:

  • Assist in load management by reporting accurate current and voltage values
  • Provide analog input for capacitor controls to enable the controls to make adjustments based on real-time voltage and reactive power flow
  • Provide input to overhead switch controllers to enable FLIR functions
  • Report current flow at DER connection points
  • Report conductor temperature and current flow to determine dynamic line ratings
  • Compare phase angles of incoming lines to determine if a closed transition line transfer can be performed
  • Monitor current values of multiple circuits in underground vault locations
  • Report power quality data from underground circuits
  • Provide a reliable power supply for customers’ communication and data collection location