Double Throw Transfer/Grounding Switch

The LCG-CD is a three phase, double throw, non-load break, no fault closing switch for use indoors or mounted in an enclosure for outdoor applications. The switch can be designed for grounding or transfer function. As a transfer switch, the switch may be used to select one of two loads or sources. As a grounding switch, the line or load side of the switch is automatically grounded in one position.


The switch may be manually operated with a chain drive operator, a side handle, wormgear operator, or a pump handle. Selection of the operator is dependent upon the switch rating, switch mounting height and clearances around the switch. All operating handles are padlockable. Provision for mounting key interlocks is available.

Outline Drawing

5 kV – 15 kV, 600 A. – 2000A. – chain drive operator