V2-C Copper Vertical Break

The Cleaveland/Price V2-C is a three pole, group operated, copper vertical break switch used primarily in substation applications. Copper switches are popular for coastal installations, however, copper oxide will develop on the copper parts.  To prevent oxidation of the copper parts, Cleaveland/Price offers an optional feature of tin-plating the copper parts.  The switch is available from 15 kV through 230 kV and a continuous current rating of up to 4000A.

V2-C Performance Features

  • All copper current carrying parts(aluminum blades at 161 kV and 230 kV high current ratings)
  • Unbreakable, non-cast copper terminal pads with NEMA standard hole pattern
  • Fully insulated journal bearing to prevent current flow through the live operating parts
  • Unbreakable, non-cast operating crank
  • Counterbalance springs, when supplied, are insulated from the current path as are the counterbalance spring ice shields.  The springs are made of stainless steel for life long corrosion resistance.
  • Silver-to-silver contacts at hinge and jaw
  • Stainless steel contact springs insulated from the current path
  • Hard-drawn, high conductivity copper contact fingers at hinge and jaw
  • Hot-dip galvanized single channel base on switches rated 7.2 kV to 69 kV, double channel base on switches rated 115 kV to 230 kV


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