Transmission Application Products

Mt. Olive Cleaveland Price Switch 002b

Cleaveland/Price focuses its efforts in transmission on maximizing value to the end user.   We offer fully assembled and adjusted unitized switch designs that save customers significant installation time, thus reducing crane usage time and labor costs.  Vertical break and center break “V” configuration switches are commonly supplied in transmission applications.

Another Cleaveland/Price product that is designed to save utilities significant money in asset costs is our patented SuperwhipTM.   Through extensive testing and field service, the SuperwhipTM has been proven to interrupt the capacitive current of many miles of transmission line.  Where an expensive full load interrupting device was required to break capacitive current, a pre-installed  SuperwhipTM  can be used instead.

For over 20 years Cleaveland/Price has been providing automation solutions to enable utilities to integrate transmission line switches into their SCADA system. Our motor operators, with 17,000 in-lbs. torque or 1200 lbs. thrust, have sufficient power to operate installed transmission switches from any manufacturer and contain many features that enhance the reliability of the automation installation.

Another innovative product developed by Cleaveland/Price is the ILO-C hookstick operated switch for transmission applications.  This is a versatile switch for which utilities have found many applications.  Among its various uses are line sectionalizing, sectionalizing within substations, substation isolation, line tapping, and maintenance.


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