UAD Single-way Switch Controllers

The UAD may be mounted on a concrete pad or may be mounted on a pedestal.The controller enclosure is well-suited for installation in any environment. The powder-coated enclosure is constructed from marine grade aluminum and has a stainless steel continuous hinge and door handle.The door is fully gasketed.

UAD Single-Way Features


  • Discrete circuit for controller operation
  • Six statuses for switch position and operator condition
  • Simple motor travel set controls
  • Sophisticated battery manager
  • Temperature compensated battery charger
  • Transparency to communication protocols
  • Low SFpressure indication and interlocking when applicable
  • Fault indication and interlocking when applicable


The submersible UAD motor assembly that mounts to the switch is contained in a stainless steel housing and is supplied with a customer specified length of control cable.  The motor assembly has provision for manual operation and decoupling.


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