Manual Operating Mechanisms

Swing Handle 

The swing handle operator is a common manual operator for most group operated switch styles and ratings. The swing handle assembly is provided with stops to prevent overtravel when opening or closing the switch. The swing handle is padlockable in both the open and close positions.  All swing handle components are fabricated from steel.  Metallic clamp-on position indicators and a tinned copper ground strap are standard. A switch nameplate is attached to the swing handle.





Wormgear Operator 

The Cleaveland/Price GH-C is a manual geared handcrank operator for group operated switches.  It is available in 10:1, 20:1, and 40:1 gear ratios, delivering high torque at low operating forces. The GH-C features:

  • Complete non-cast construction with rugged, adjustable open-closed stops
  • Metallic slip handle
  • Padlockable, stainless steel crank and locking disc
  • Metallic clamp-on position indicators
  • Tinned copper braid ground strap




Pump Handle 

In some applications a reciprocating operator is most appropriate.

The RP-C pump handle operator is a heavy-duty operator that has a built-in key interlock mounting provision.  The pump handle operator is available with an integral auxiliary switch assembly and electrical interlock as options.