Vault Mounted Switch Handheld Controller

Vault Mounted Overview

The Cleaveland/Price underground switch handheld controller is designed to enable customers to electrically operate SF6 and vacuum switches from a safe location outside of the switch vault.

The controller installation consists of a UAD motor, a handheld control box, a portable power box, a motor cable, and a power cable. All components are submersible and cable connections are watertight. The controller operates from any 12 volt battery source – just clip the power leads to a truck battery. A power cable to operate from an in-vault AC source is available as an alternate to battery power.

The handheld controller is also designed to be upgradeable for SCADA applications. If the utility desires to integrate the switch into their SCADA system, both the motor and the motor cable assembly can be used. The user only needs to disconnect the cable from the handheld controller and connect the same cable into the bottom of a UAD controller that can be pad mounted or vault mounted. The handheld controller can then be utilized at another location.