ILO-CB In-Line Substation Switch

ILO-CB Overview 

The ILO-CB is a hookstick operated switch that can be used to isolate or sectionalize bus sections within a substation.  With the ILO-CB, space and money can be saved within the substation by not having to install footings and a structure for a gang operated switch.  Installation involves cutting into the tubular bus run and clamping the switch to the bus ends or bolting the switch to a bus connector.  On switches rated 69 kV and higher, the switch blade engages a latch when the switch is fully open, keeping the blade parallel to the ground.   The ILO-CB is available in voltage ratings from 15 kV through 138 kV.

The ILO-CB can be designed to be an interchangeable replacement for old inline bus disconnect switches.

Old Installation  old switch closed cropped

New Installation new ILO-CB installed cropped

Outline Drawing