Single Throw Disconnect Switch

The LCG-C is a three phase, group operated switch used for isolating applications within segregated and non-segregated bus systems.  LCG-C switches are non-load make or break, and do not have fault closing capability.  The switch is available at voltage ratings from 5 kV to 34.5 kV and current ratings to 8000 A. The switch typifies the Cleaveland/Price philosophy of designing for simplicity and reliability.  The switch has a unitized design with the three phases factory assembled on a common base for ease of installation. 


LCG-C switches

15-12LCG LCG-C switches feature a total non-cast design for superior dependability of parts.  All current carrying parts are fabricated from hard-drawn, high-conductivity copper.  The silver-to-silver contacts are backed by stainless steel conical springs.  The switches are typically supplied with wet process porcelain insulators.

 LCG-C Operators 

The switch may be manually operated with a chain drive operator, a side handle, a wormgear operator, or a pump handle.  Selection of the operator is dependent upon switch rating, switch mounting height, and clearances around the switch.  All operating handles are padlockable.  Provision for mounting key interlocks is available.  The switch is also available with a motor operator with available motor and control voltages of 120 VDC, 120 VAC, and 250 VAC.

 Outline Drawings

5 kV – 15 kV, 600 A. – 2000A. – chain drive operator

7.2 kV – 23 kV, 3000 A. – wormgear operator

34.5 kV, 1200 A. – chain drive operator

34.5 kV, 2000 A. – chain drive operator      

34.5 kV, 2000 A. – motor operator