LCO-C Disconnect

LCO-C Disconnect Overview 

“If I were to design a hookstick operated switch, this would be it.”

This is what one of our customers proclaimed after examining the Cleaveland/Price LCO-C switch.

The thoughtful engineering which has been put into the development of the LCO-C is evident in reviewing the design features and material selection. Check out the switch characteristics that give you the Cleaveland/Price advantage.


Outline Drawings 

Live Parts Replacement

Hookstick Live Parts Replacement

We have many customers who use Cleaveland/Price as a source of reliable replacement live parts for their hookstick operated switches. Often when a switch needs to be replaced, the insulators and the base are in good condition. Customers save money in upfront and installation costs by replacing the live parts only. To confirm compatibility, information on the original switch is required.