Single-way PAD and RSD Controllers

The PAD controller combines both the motor and control functions.  All components are easily accessible within the controller enclosure.

In applications where the motor cannot be located within the controller enclosure, Cleaveland/Price offers an RSD type controller. A motor assembly mounts directly to the switch manual handle location and the motor control cable attaches to the RSD controller.

PAD And RSD Controllers Features

PAD and RSD controllers feature:

  • Discrete circuit for controller operation
  • Six statuses for switch position and operator condition
  • Sophisticated battery manager
  • Temperature compensated battery charger
  • Powder-coated aluminum enclosure
  • Transparency to communication protocols
  • Provision for manual operation
  • Mechanism decoupler
  • Low SFpressure indication and interlocking when applicable
  • Fault indication and interlocking when applicable


Outline Drawing