TP-C2 and TP-C3 Substation Class Motor Operators

Cleaveland/Price offers several types of substation class motor operators to meet customer applications.  TP-C2 and TP-C3 motor operators are designed to operate substation class disconnect and loadbreak switches that require a torsional motion.  Operation time of the TP-C2 is typically 5-6 seconds (180 degree  rotation) with available torque output ratings of 10,000 in-lbs. and 20,000 in-lbs.  The TP-C3 motor operator features a permanent magnet motor and is available with torque output ratings of 20,000 and 30,000 in-lbs. at an operating time of 5 seconds /20,000 in-lbs. and 11 seconds /30,000 in-lbs.

TP-C2 and TP-C3 features 

    • Powder coated NEMA 3R aluminum enclosure (NEMA 4 available)
    • Dynamic braking for electrical stop
    • Local/Remote control
    • “Fast stop” button
    • Handcrank for manual operation
    • Non-cast, adjustable mechanical stops
    • Torque relief decoupler
    • 4/0 ground strap




 Outline Drawing