CB-AV “V” Aluminum Center Break

The “V” configuration of the CB-AV makes the switch ideal for low profile substation installations. 

The switch can also be installed on a pole in phase-over-phase or phase-opposite arrangements for transmission line applications.  For transmission line applications at 115 kV through 161 kV, the switch can be supplied with high line charging current interrupting SuperwhipsTM.

CB-AV Performance Features

  • High-pressure line contacts
  • Magnetically attracting parallel path hinge and jaw contacts increase contact pressure under short circuit
  • Non-breakable, tin-plated hard-drawn copper terminal pads with NEMA Standard hole pattern
  • Silver-to-silver contacts
  • Stainless steel contact springs and live parts hardware
  • Provision for live part adjustment
  • Permanently lubricated, maintenance-free double sealed ball bearings with indentation-proof races
  • Rigid hot-dip galvanized base

Unitized Switch


Cleaveland/Price “Quick Install” unitized switches should be your choice for transmission switching

  • If you have a small installation time window
  • If you want a switch that is easy to install and comes pre-adjusted
  • If you want a switch that operates easily
  • If you need a switch that will reliably interrupt the capacitive current of long transmission lines


  • If you just plain want to save money on the installed cost of your asset

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