TP-D2 Distribution Substation Class Motor Operator for Torsional Pipe

For distribution substation switch applications that take a torsional motion, Cleaveland/Price offers the TP-D2 torsional operator.  These operators are used for operating loadbreak distribution switches that require a fast operation to extend the life of the interrupter.  Operation time of the TP-D2 is 0.4 second with a torque output of 8000 in-lbs.  The TP-D2 has available voltage inputs of 125 VDC, 120 VAC, and 240 VAC.

TP-D2 Torsional Operator Features 

  • Powder coated NEMA 3R aluminum enclosure (NEMA 4 available)
  • Dynamic braking for electrical stop
  • Local/Remote control
  • Internally stored swing handle for manual operation
  • Non-cast, adjustable mechanical stops
  • Torque relief decoupler
  • 4/0 ground strap


 Outline Drawing