Join Us at DistribuTECH 2018!

DistribuTECH remains the premier event for learning about the cutting-edge advancements in utility products.  Where else do over 500 vendors assemble on a yearly basis to explain how their products can help you improve your system?  And with registrants from over 300 utilities attending, networking opportunities abound.  There are 14 session tracks that address all of the hot topics in our industry, including distribution automation, microgrids, energy storage, and substation automation.  If you want to keep up with advances in the electric industry, San Antonio is where you want to be Jan. 23-25.

While at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, visit Cleaveland/Price on the expo floor at booth #2935.  We’d love to share the latest developments in our LineScope­­®, Reliatronics RTU products, and submersible current monitors with you!



The RTU3212 is a compact board-to-board RTU that functions as the head-end data processor of the Cleaveland/Price LineScope system.  It also mates with the control board of Cleaveland/Price ADMO, PTAD, UAD, and PAD automation motor operators.  Through its 4 DO’s and 15 DI’s, the 3212 adds control functions and status reporting to our motor operators.  The RTU utilizes DNP3.0 protocol with the option to select Modbus or PG&E protocol as an alternate protocol.  The board-to-board configuration eliminates wiring and results in a time saving and space efficient installation.

 Typical Installation 

Shown is an RTU3212 installed on the control board of a motor operator.



 View RTU3212 Data Sheet

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