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Multi-Way Unitized Switches

Unitized 2-Way and 3-Way Switches 

115 kV, 2000A RL-C3W 3-way “Quick Install” switch

“Quick Install” Switches

Cleaveland/Price “Quick Install” switches are unitized, phase-over-phase transmission switches that ship from the factory fully assembled and adjusted.  Type RL-C2W , two-way and RL-C3W, three-way assemblies are available at 69 kV, 115 kV, and 138 kV.

“Quick Install” switches are designed to address issues that customers have with other transmission switch designs.  Some customers have difficulty getting switches into adjustment when mounted on tall transmission poles. This is the result of the torsional “windup” of the vertical operating pipe between phases, which causes the three pole units to operate out of sync. “Quick Install” switches utilize a “push-pull” interphase linkage so that the blades of the three pole units always move in unison, regardless of the length of the vertical operating pipe.

RL-C2W two-way switch pole unit

The switch ships from the factory fully adjusted with the linkage set in toggle in the closed and open positions. The switch stays in adjustment after installation, just as it was tested and operated at the factory.

The switches are supplied with standard strength porcelain insulators and feature Cleaveland/Price ReliaVac® vacuum interrupters.



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Patent Award

Trafford, PA – August 24, 2017 – Cleaveland/Price announces that it was recently awarded patent Nos. 9664710 and 9746498 for a sensory assembly system and method for monitoring power lines.  The sensor discoveries covered by the patents are the basis for the Cleaveland/Price LineScope® power monitor for overhead lines.

The new technology distinguishes itself from other sensing methods in that, as a wireless system, it has the capability of measuring ground or neutral currents as well as provide accurate real-time current and voltage readings for each phase of the power line.  While some wireless sensors can provide current and voltage readings to calculate power factor, VA, and watts values, they are unable to determine a ground current value.  Through synchronized voltage and current readings from the three phases, the patented Cleaveland/Price system can analyze the readings and determine the net real time sum of the three currents to calculate a ground current value.

For electric utilities, ground current value is an important measurement in determining the health of the electrical system.  The presence of ground currents is an unhealthy condition for an electrical system and can pose a potential safety risk as well as result in damage to equipment.


About Cleaveland/Price
Cleaveland/Price is a switch engineering and manufacturing firm with a diverse product portfolio including outdoor group operated high voltage switches with ratings to 345 kV, hookstick operated switches for a wide range of applications, enclosed switches including isophase disconnects, and custom designed high voltage switches for special uses. The company also manufactures switch control motor operators that enable utilities to integrate almost any switch into a SCADA or smart grid system in overhead, underground, and padmount applications. In recent years, Cleaveland/Price has introduced a highly accurate line sensor for distribution and transmission applications as well as new remote terminal unit (RTU) designs.