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Press Release

Cleaveland/Price announces that the company’s Board of Directors has appointed Vice President and Manufacturing/Operations Manager Carl Heller to succeed Rae Sweeney as company President. The transition is effective, January 1, 2020.

Carl has been with Cleaveland/Price for 14 years serving a variety of functions, including Production Planning and Operations Manager, Corporate Treasurer, and, for the past year, Vice President. These positions have laid a firm foundation as he moves into the role of President. “I am very passionate about American manufacturing; it is my belief that with the right team and culture there is not a better place to manufacture. We have a family of 300 engineers, assemblers, office professionals, and fabricators who take pride in caring for each other and for our customers. It is truly humbling to lead such a high caliber team; I am in awe of their potential.”

Regarding the transition, Rae Sweeney states, “Throughout my presidency, I have felt the same responsibility to this company that I feel as a mother to my children. Carl and I have worked closely together since he came to C/P, and he exemplifies the values needed in a leader at Cleaveland/Price. There is no other person I could possibly trust more to keep the C/P family safe and strong.”

Chuck Cleaveland, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, established the company philosophy of placing employees first, customers second, and profit third, in order of importance. Chuck Cleaveland stated that he is “confident and thankful that Carl will carry on our corporate traditions of having no unhappy customers and always treating our employees with kindness.”

About Cleaveland/Price: Cleaveland/Price is a switch engineering and manufacturing firm with a diverse product portfolio including outdoor group operated, high voltage switches with ratings to 500 kV, hookstick operated switches for a wide range of applications, enclosed switches including isophase disconnects, and custom-designed high voltage switches for special uses. The company also manufactures sensors that provide real-time three-phase power monitoring and switch control motor operators to enable utilities to integrate almost any switch into a SCADA or smart grid system in overhead, underground, and padmount applications. The company holds numerous patents relating to switch design and control.

New Release!

Cleaveland Price has released its LineScope® Line Sensor for application on distribution and transmission power lines. It is available from 4kV through 115kV, measures voltages and currents with 0.5% accuracy, produces power quality calculations, and captures over-current events. Unlike similar sensors, the LineScope® is a battery-free device powered from line voltage, which allows operation without a line current requirement. The device is comprised of two pieces – a sensing head that connects directly to the power line and a wireless receiver at ground level. The sensor data is available at the wireless receiver via DNP protocol for easy integration in to existing SCADA and smart grid systems.