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ILO-C In-line Transmission Switch

ILO-C Overview

The ILO-C is a versatile in-line disconnect switch that is useful in a variety of applications.  The switch was originally designed as an in-line disconnect switch to sectionalize long transmission lines.  The ILO-C design saves significant installation costs.  The switch mounts in line with the transmission line conductor eliminating the need for a group operated switch with associated mounting structure. The ILO-C is available with the ultra-fast SuperwhipTM quick break whip to interrupt the line charging current of long sections of transmission line.

As customers became aware of the switch, they recognized its use in additional applications such as:

  • Substation isolation
  • In-substation sectionalizing
  • Line tap
  • Maintenance applications to replace jumpers


Outline Drawings 


ILO-CB In-Line Substation Switch

ILO-CB Overview 

The ILO-CB is a hookstick operated switch that can be used to isolate or sectionalize bus sections within a substation.  With the ILO-CB, space and money can be saved within the substation by not having to install footings and a structure for a gang operated switch.  Installation involves cutting into the tubular bus run and clamping the switch to the bus ends or bolting the switch to a bus connector.  On switches rated 69 kV and higher, the switch blade engages a latch when the switch is fully open, keeping the blade parallel to the ground.   The ILO-CB is available in voltage ratings from 15 kV through 138 kV.

The ILO-CB can be designed to be an interchangeable replacement for old inline bus disconnect switches.

Old Installation  old switch closed cropped

New Installation new ILO-CB installed cropped

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23 kV V2-C- Coastal-B

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23 kV V2-C- Coastal-B

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