Hookstick Operated Switches

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LCO-S “V” Disconnect

LCO-S “V” Disconnect

LCO-S “V” Disconnect Overview 

The LCO-S is a “V” configuration, hookstick operated switch with the same mechanical and electrical advantages as the LCO-C switch.  Base mounting adapters are available to match customers’ mounting hole requirements.


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LCO-C Disconnect

LCO-C Disconnect Overview 

“If I were to design a hookstick operated switch, this would be it.”

This is what one of our customers proclaimed after examining the Cleaveland/Price LCO-C switch.

The thoughtful engineering which has been put into the development of the LCO-C is evident in reviewing the design features and material selection. Check out the switch characteristics that give you the Cleaveland/Price advantage.


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Live Parts Replacement

Hookstick Live Parts Replacement

We have many customers who use Cleaveland/Price as a source of reliable replacement live parts for their hookstick operated switches. Often when a switch needs to be replaced, the insulators and the base are in good condition. Customers save money in upfront and installation costs by replacing the live parts only. To confirm compatibility, information on the original switch is required.


RBO-C Perpendicular Bypass Blade Switch

RBO-C Overview 

The RBO-C is a non-sequencing bypass switch that can be used as a regulator bypass or recloser bypass if line protection is not required.  It is available for substation as well as distribution applications. In substation applications, the switch is provided with 3″ b.c. insulators.  In distribution applications the switch is provided with 2¼” b.c. insulators.  The switch features the same great design characteristics as the LCO-C giving you the Cleaveland/Price advantage.

The RBO-C uses two parallel blades to isolate the regulator or recloser with a perpendicular blade providing the bypass function.  With all three blades open, the circuit downstream of the switch is safely isolated. The switch can be provided with optional quick break whips for interrupting magnetizing current. The switch can be mounted in the underhung or vertical position.  When mounted vertically, the bypass blade is angled away from the mounting surface to provide better access to the bypass blade hookeye and ease operation.


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GCO-C Grounding Switch

GCO-C Overview 

The GCO-C is a single pole, hookstick operated switch for grounding PTs and CTs within a substation.  The switch utilizes a single insulator that mounts to a single channel base on switch ratings up to 69 kV, and a double channel on switches rated 115 kV and 138 kV. The switch features the same great design characteristics as the LCO-C giving you the Cleaveland/Price advantage.

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HBT-C Substation Tap Switch

 HBT-C switch Overview 

HBTC installed

The Cleaveland/Price HBT-C switch is an isolating or tap switch that can save substation real estate and construction expense.  No mounting structure is required for this innovative product.  The switch clamps directly to the customer’s copper or aluminum bus.  By using polymer insulators on the switch the weight of the switch is significantly reduced. The switch opening can be oriented in-line with or  perpendicular to the bus.

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ILT-C Distribution Tap Switch

ILT-C Overview

The ILT-C is an in-line distribution tap switch available in a 150 kV BIL, 900 A. rating. The switch can be attached to the line with wedge connectors when supplied with wedge hangers or it can be attached to the line with parallel groove connectors when supplied with suspension rods. The ILT-C live parts have the same construction features as our LCO-C substation class switch, giving you the Cleaveland/Price advantage.



ILO-C In-line Transmission Switch

ILO-C Overview

The ILO-C is a versatile in-line disconnect switch that is useful in a variety of applications.  The switch was originally designed as an in-line disconnect switch to sectionalize long transmission lines.  The ILO-C design saves significant installation costs.  The switch mounts in line with the transmission line conductor eliminating the need for a group operated switch with associated mounting structure. The ILO-C is available with the ultra-fast SuperwhipTM quick break whip to interrupt the line charging current of long sections of transmission line.

As customers became aware of the switch, they recognized its use in additional applications such as:

  • Substation isolation
  • In-substation sectionalizing
  • Line tap
  • Maintenance applications to replace jumpers


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ILO-CB In-Line Substation Switch

ILO-CB Overview 

The ILO-CB is a hookstick operated switch that can be used to isolate or sectionalize bus sections within a substation.  With the ILO-CB, space and money can be saved within the substation by not having to install footings and a structure for a gang operated switch.  Installation involves cutting into the tubular bus run and clamping the switch to the bus ends or bolting the switch to a bus connector.  On switches rated 69 kV and higher, the switch blade engages a latch when the switch is fully open, keeping the blade parallel to the ground.   The ILO-CB is available in voltage ratings from 15 kV through 138 kV.

The ILO-CB can be designed to be an interchangeable replacement for old inline bus disconnect switches.

Old Installation  old switch closed cropped

New Installation new ILO-CB installed cropped

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