Substation Switch Products

Sub photoFrom 5 kV through 345 kV, Cleaveland/Price can supply the airbreak switch needs of users.   Vertical break, side break, double side break, and center break switch designs are available, many in a low profile “V” configuration.   Since the inception of our company, our focus on switch design has been on utilizing sound engineering principals in the development of our substation products.  This led to a design approach of using hard-drawn copper and extruded aluminum for live parts and cold and hot-rolled steel for other parts; discarding the use of castings.  Our non-cast switch design has been proven to be amazing robust, as evidenced by successfully passing shaker table seismic testing at 2.5 times performance level! Our vertical break switch is the first switch to ever pass seismic testing at this level.

Hookstick operated switches are often an integral part of a substation design with applications of disconnecting, transferring, and bypassing.  Cleaveland/Price offers hookstick switch switches with ratings from 5 kV through 138 kV for use in all of these substation applications.  We also offer a unique bus tap switch that can be installed directly to substation bus, eliminating the need for mounting steel.

Cleaveland/Price has been making substation class motor operators for over 30 years.   We offer a variety of torque ratings, speeds, and voltage inputs, and can accommodate almost any customer specified feature.  Motor operators specifically for use in distribution substations are available.

Group Operated Switches

Unitized Installation Substation Switches

Hookstick Operated Switches

Motor Operators