RSD Controllers

Padmount Switch

Padmount Switch Overview

Cleaveland/Price designs and manufactures controllers that can be retrofitted to the padmounted switches of various manufacturers.The controllers are available in one-way and multi-way (up to 4-way) control configurations.  PAD controllers incorporate the same features critical for automation reliability used in other Cleaveland/Price automation products.The PAD mounts easily to a customer’s padmount switch without the need for field drilling or switch enclosure modification.  The mechanism can be installed in minutes and there is no need to take the switch out of service during installation.  Sufficient room is provided in the controller enclosure to mount both an RTU and radio and all components are accessible through the front door.The controller requires 120 VAC to charge its battery.  For installation locations where charging voltage is not available, Cleaveland/Price offers a charging transformer that can be mounted within the padmount enclosure.