Distribution Switch Products

Switch automation was in its early years in 1992 when Cleaveland/Price entered the distribution market with the introduction of the types BT-D and BR motor operators for torsional motion and reciprocating motion. At that time, many motor operators were hydraulic based. With our new designs, we established several “firsts” in the industry:

  • Electric operators specifically for both distribution automation
  • Capability of housing both RTU and radio within the motor operator enclosure
  • Operators with true reciprocating motion through the top of enclosure
  • Ability to be retrofitted to the switches of various manufacturers

Since then, Cleaveland/Price has taken a leadership position in providing motor operators and controllers throughout the grid for the switches of almost any manufacturer in any distribution application. To increase the reliability of communications on the Smart Grid, Cleaveland/Price has also developed a smart power supply specifically for use with radios.


Overhead Switch Automation

Underground Switch Automation

Padmount Switch Automation

Data Collector Power Supply

Line Tap Switch – Hookstick Operation