Generation Switch Products


Switches in generation applications are often high continuous current with very high peak momentary ratings, and are very often placed in isophase bus runs.  Cleaveland/Price can supply switches with ratings up to 10,000 A. continuous and a maximum peak short circuit rating of 325 kA.

Of all of our switches, the isophase switch is the most engineering intensive.  Because the switch needs to match up to new or existing bus duct, the switch enclosure varies; so there is no standard design.  Bus duct height, diameter, orientation must all be taken into consideration in the switch design.

It is attention to detail that leads to a successful job and Cleaveland/Price delivers.  When we asked a customer if there was anything that we could have done better on a large isophase project, he replied; “The only comment that I have, it is by far the best disconnect that I had to install. There were very few adjustments that had to be made in the field. The [end user] was happy with them.”    We always strive to provide the best engineered switch possible.  Send us your generation switch specification and let us show you what we can do for you.



Isophase Disconnect Switches