Tap Switch

HBT-C Substation Tap Switch

 HBT-C switch Overview 

HBTC installed

The Cleaveland/Price HBT-C switch is an isolating or tap switch that can save substation real estate and construction expense.  No mounting structure is required for this innovative product.  The switch clamps directly to the customer’s copper or aluminum bus.  By using polymer insulators on the switch the weight of the switch is significantly reduced. The switch opening can be oriented in-line with or  perpendicular to the bus.

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ILT-C Distribution Tap Switch

ILT-C Overview

The ILT-C is an in-line distribution tap switch available in a 150 kV BIL, 900 A. rating. The switch can be attached to the line with wedge connectors when supplied with wedge hangers or it can be attached to the line with parallel groove connectors when supplied with suspension rods. The ILT-C live parts have the same construction features as our LCO-C substation class switch, giving you the Cleaveland/Price advantage.




23 kV V2-C- Coastal-B

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23 kV V2-C- Coastal-B

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