RTU 3211



The RTU3200 is a modular RTU that consists of a main processing module and various input/output (I/O) modules; all connected via a high-speed bus. It can be configured with a five module chassis or a nine module chassis, depending on the number of analog and digital inputs that are required for the application. The RTU modules employ a high-performance 32-bit Advance RISC Machine (ARM) processor resulting in a system that minimizes heat generation and power consumption. In addition to reporting status and analog values, the RTU will calculate RMS voltage, watts, VARS, and power factor, and has advanced built-in fault detection. The RTU3200 will support a DNP master for communications to additional RTUs.


5-module RTU3200 installed in a Cleaveland/Price PTAD switch controller

5-module RTU3200

5-module RTU3200

The RTU3200 features:

  • Conformal coated printed circuit boards for protection in harsh environments
  • Powerful, yet low power consumption processor
  • 10—30VDC power supply
  • DNP3.0, Modbus, and PG&E protocol support
  • Two RS232 ports
  • RS485 port
  • 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port with RJ-45 connector
  • High-impedance and low-impedance analog input modules

 I/O Modules

Module Description
16S 16 status inputs
8R 8 form C relay outputs with 10 A. contacts and self-diagnostic features
12ACVI Low-impedance AC analog input module with direct connection to up to 160 V and 10 A. sources
12ACVV Functionally identical to the ACVI except all analog inputs are high-impedance
16DC DC analog input module with direct connection for up to 16 DC voltages and currents

The RTU3200 ships from Cleaveland/Price with the appropriate modules installed for a given application. Modules can be easily changed in the field, if needed.


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LineScope® Power Quality Monitor


Cleaveland/Price’s LineScope® is a highly accurate three phase power monitoring system for use on circuits up to 138 kV.  The system consists of three conductor-mount LineProbe sensors and a data consolidating RTU3212 that can be housed in a CommBridge communication node, a customer’s communication node, or integrated into a Cleaveland/Price ADMO or PTAD switch controller.

Applications for the LineScope® are numerous and include:15 kV installation

  • Power quality monitoring, reporting RMS current, RMS voltage to an accuracy of 0.5%, phase angle, power angle, power factor, real power, and reactive power
  • Fault indication with fault direction and fault magnitude to 32 kA peak reported
  • Harmonic distortion analysis
  • Line temperature monitoring
  • Monitoring bi-directional flow lines
  • Open tap monitoring
  • Phase alignment comparison between system taps
  • Voltage reduction
  • End of line monitoring
  • Auto line transfer
  • Analog input for capacitor bank control
  • Voltage certification for NERC PRC-005

The maintenance-free LineScope® is powered by line voltage, rather than line current, giving the system visibility on lightly loaded lines.


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