LineScope® Power Quality Monitor


Cleaveland/Price’s LineScope® is a highly accurate three phase power monitoring system for use on circuits up to 138 kV.  The system consists of three conductor-mount LineProbe sensors and a data consolidating RTU3212 that can be housed in a CommBridge communication node, a customer’s communication node, or integrated into a Cleaveland/Price ADMO or PTAD switch controller.

Applications for the LineScope® are numerous and include:15 kV installation

  • Power quality monitoring, reporting RMS current, RMS voltage to an accuracy of 0.5%, phase angle, power angle, power factor, real power, and reactive power
  • Fault indication with fault direction and fault magnitude to 32 kA peak reported
  • Harmonic distortion analysis
  • Line temperature monitoring
  • Monitoring bi-directional flow lines
  • Open tap monitoring
  • Phase alignment comparison between system taps
  • Voltage reduction
  • End of line monitoring
  • Auto line transfer
  • Analog input for capacitor bank control
  • Voltage certification for NERC PRC-005

The maintenance-free LineScope® is powered by line voltage, rather than line current, giving the system visibility on lightly loaded lines.


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