capacitive coupling


The Cleaveland/Price Superwhip® is a high speed switch attachment for interrupting line charging current.   The Superwhip® has been extensively tested and has been field proven to be effective in interrupting the charging current of very long conductor spans and capacitive coupling from adjacent high voltage lines.  In applications where only capacitive current needs to be interrupted, the Superwhip®  may be used in place of expensive full loadbreak attachments.  The Superwhip® is available to 161 kV, for use on Cleaveland/Price vertical break and center break switches and ILO-C in-line transmission switches.

Superwhip® Ratings 

Superwhip® Line Dropping Capabilityy
System Voltage / Max. Voltage kV*

69 / 72.5 kV

115 / 123 kV 138 / 145 kV 161 / 170 kV
Approximate Line Length 163 miles 104 miles  89 miles 43 miles
Current 45.9 A 45.9 A 46.3 A 26.2 A
*Grounded neutral system. For ungrounded systems, use the next higher voltage whip.

138kV V2CA Whip Engaged

Superwhip® charging on opening a 138 kV V2-CA switch.