Press release Dec 20, 2013


Rae Sweeney

Cleaveland/Price announces that the company’s Board of Directors has appointed company controller and IT director, Rae Sweeney, to succeed company founder Chuck Cleaveland, as company president.  The transition is effective, January 1, 2014.

Mrs. Sweeney, a 29-year employee of Cleaveland/Price, is well positioned to step into the role of president. She has an exceptional knowledge and understanding of Cleaveland/Price information and manufacturing systems and has been a driving force in the installation and update of the company’s MRP system. Says Mrs. Sweeney, “I look forward to the challenge and opportunity to serve both our employees and customers. By following Chuck Cleaveland’s leadership example, we will continue to flourish as a key supplier in the marketplace as well as provide our employees with a top notch work experience.”

As company leader, Chuck Cleaveland established the company philosophy of placing employees #1, customers #2, and profit #3 in order of importance. Mr. Cleaveland stated that he is “confident and thankful that Rae will carry on our corporate traditions of having no unhappy customers and always treating our employees with kindness”. Mr. Cleaveland will remain as Chairman of the Board of Directors.  He will be active with the company as he focuses his attention on product development, process refinement, and mentoring employees to succeed in attaining goals.