The RTU2000 is Retired!

The electric industry is dynamic and the world of electronics even more so.  Integrated circuit components become smaller, faster, and more powerful.  These advancements eventually lead to the obsolescence of older generations of components and often entire products.  Due to components becoming obsolete, our Reliatronics RTU2000 has reached the point of retirement.

Cleaveland/Price, however, pleased to tell you that the RTU2000 has been replaced by a next generation RTU3220.  The RTU3220 has the same mounting hole locations as the RTU2000 and the I/O pinouts are the same as well for convenient physical interchangeability with the RTU2000.  The RTU3220 has several enhancements over the RTU2000:

  • An RJ45 Ethernet port has been added.
  • A second RS232 serial port has been added.
  • The configuration program is more user friendly and is shared among all Reliatronics RTU32xx devices.
  • It has the ability to create and transfer COMTRADE files.
  • RTU programming uses State Logic instead of Ladder Logic.
  • Analog inputs have a higher sampling rate for greater accuracy.
  • It has an improved fault detection algorithm.

Cleaveland/Price will continue to provide customer support for the RTU2000.  Documentation on the RTU2000 remains available through the cP Customer Portal.





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